push the wire back in

take a q tip and put a dab of gurella glue over the hole.

Wait 24/48 hours

Feel free to wear your bra again with out it attempting man 1

you dont understand how happy this makes me right now

Lol yesssssss #bigboobprob


Oh shit!


I always say sorry for things I’m not sorry for and put all the blame on myself. I’m just scared that if I don’t, they few people who can actually bear me will leave.


I am very well aware when someone is trying to actively figure me out (rather than just get to know me and figure me out passively) and it makes me uncomfortable. When this happens I put a wall up that appears natural and will keep it up until I decide to let them in. Basically I give them a more shallow version of me. ENFJs and ESFJs seem to do this the most. They also tend to make declarative statements about me when they think they have me figured out. Other types are more subtle about it.



Seeing that a friend of mine has admitted himself into a mental rehabilitation facility and thinking “he is so strong and brave,” and thinking, “I will be strong and brave one day, but first let me take this nap.”

I’m a responsible adult sometimes. Just not right now


Captain’s Log

Ramadan, Day 13: am still terrible person

Me too

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"I’m gettin’ tired of the drama- bossman said he would fire me. I told I would gladly do the honors so I just quit, cause this work shit got my dreams on pause like a comma."

Phonte of Little Brother
“Two Step Blues” The GetBack

Happy 4th.

Happy 4th.

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